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School Visits

Kamilla offers both in-person and virtual visits to schools, libraries, bookstores, book clubs, festivals and conferences. If you are interested in scheduling a speaking engagement, please fill out Kamilla’s contact form to learn about current rates and availability.

In-Person School Visit


Kamilla is an author and editor who has worked for nearly a decade in children's book publishing in both New York City and in London. She has collaborated with all of the "Big 5" publishing houses and several Hollywood production companies to help shape ideas into books and TV/film. Through this experience, she has learned the "Secret Formula" behind almost all stories. In her presentation, titled STORY QUEST, Kamilla teaches kids how to turn their super cool idea into a story with a beginning, middle and end, using a fun mad-libs "secret" formula to create a unique story. She discusses what tension is, and how to generate conflict to keep a story going. This presentation can be easily adjusted fit a small classroom or for a large auditorium. The typical breakdown STORY QUEST looks like this: 


10 minutes: Introduction + storytelling game  

10 minutes: Gathering story ideas 

15 minutes: Turning ideas into story

10 minutes: Revising + covers   

15 minutes: Q&A with students 


The presentation is ideal for 3rd – 6th graders, and Kamilla adjusts content depending on the age. She is also available to speaks with 7th – 8th graders about different careers in publishing and the steps toward publication.



Free 15-minute Virtual Visit


If a classroom or book club completes one of Kamilla’s novels, she is happy speak with readers and answer any questions on Skype or Facetime.



Festivals and Conferences


Kamilla has been an invited guest and speaker at several conferences and festivals, including New York Comic Con, BookExpo, BookCon, Leviosa Con, Princeton Book Fair, Books by the Bay, Colorado Book & Arts, SE-YA, and several others.

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